Resources for "Maybe's":

The Maybe A Baby Questionnaire

Questions to ask yourself if you are undecided about having a child

Developed by Theresa Eberhage and Dr. Mark G. Eberhage

I. Do I have the urge to have a child? If so, why? Has there been an event or revelation that made me think about having a child now?

II. How will pregnancy impact my health? Am I in good enough health to become pregnant?

III. How will it change my body? Can I accept the changes, even if it takes along time to get back to where I was before pregnancy? Would I resent these changes in a way that could impact the child?

IV. Can I handle the labor and delivery? Am I afraid of pregnancy and/or delivery? If so, why?

V. Can I meet the extra expenses and financial responsibilities of a baby (all the expenses: crib equip, diapers, formula); Can I have budget for all of the extra expenses?

VI. What if I have a collicky baby or an unhealthy baby, can I adapt?  Will I be able to cope with a challenging child?

VII. How will a baby affect my career? Will I need or be able to stay home for a while, work part time, or work flexible hours?

VIII. Can I do it all? If not, can I live with giving some of my favorite things up? How will having a child affect my ability to live the life I enjoy?

IX. Will you be able to manage with no sleep or very little?

X. How will a baby affect my Relationships:
a. Partner
b. Friends
c. Family

XI. Do I have enough of a support system, to:
a) help when I first come home with a baby
b) help transition into my new role
c) help create a balance in my life
d) catch up on sleep or errands

XII. What kind of changes do I think I will go through as a person, once I become a parent?  How will my self image change?

XIV. Can I, as a woman, be complete without a child?

XV. Regarding personal goals Have I been able to accomplish what I want in my career, my travels before I have a baby? Or do I think I will be able to accomplish these things after having a baby?

XVI. Will I regret it if I do not have children?

XVII. What advantages are there in not having children?

XVIII. What would be the disadvantages of having children before the time is right?

XIX. What do I imagine will be different when I have a child and how does that impact wanting to have a child?

Click here to download a pdf version of the Maybe A Baby Questionnaire

Here are some resources that might help you make the decision:

Do I Want to Be A Mom? : A Woman's Guide to the Decision of a Lifetime by Diana L. Dell, Suzan Erem 
Briefcase to Diaper Bag: A mother's journey to find balance at home by Katie Kelly Dorn 
The Mask of Motherhood: How Becoming a Mother Changes Our Lives and Why We Never Talk About It by Susan Maushart 
The Job/Family Challenge by Ellen Bravo

Barren in the Promised Land: Americans and the Pursuit of Happiness by Elaine Tyler May

The Parenthood Decision by Beverly MFCC Engel

Books on Remaining Childless:

Pride and Joy: the lives and passions of women without children by Terri Casey 

Unwomanly Conduct: The Challenges of Intentional Childlessness by Carolyn M. Morell 
The Childless Revolution: What It Means to Be Childless Today by Madelyn Cain

Cheerfully Childless: The Humor Book for Those Who Hesitate to Procreate by Ellen Metter, Loretta Gomez 

Without Child: Challenging the Stigma of Childlessness by Laurie Lisle

Families of Two by Laura Carroll 


Web Resources: